Brilliant Landscape Design, Hardscapes, and Landscape Lighting in San Diego, Coronado, La Jolla, CA, and nearby areas.

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What We Do Differently

Your Vision, Our Manpower

Everyone has a vision for how they want their lawn to look and where they want everything to be placed. We are the ones you call to make that vision a reality, bringing to life all of the elements you want. You create the design; we use the manpower to do the job!

Beauty and Functionality Work Together

There’s no reason you have to sacrifice functionality for beauty or vice versa. You can have the perfect balance when you put your landscape together right. It can look beautiful and still function well for your needs and wants!

Customer Experience That Makes Your Heart Take Flight

You deserve to be treated kindly and respectfully when dealing with any business or company. If you don’t receive the best customer experience, you won’t want to do business with them anymore. We provide top-quality customer service that will encourage you to return in the future!

About us

Who We Are

Our team is run by a gentleman named Fernando Bedolla, and he’s dedicated time to developing a landscape company you can trust. We focus a lot on the quality of work, professionalism, and making a great impression on all of our customers. You won’t have to worry about the job getting done right the first time because you’ll be in constant communication with us and will know what to expect throughout the process!


What We Do Best

Landscape Design

You can’t start a landscaping project on a whim and simply go with the flow – you could end up with a giant landscape mess. With landscape design, you know where everything will go and what changes need to be made ahead of time.


Breaking up the monotony of the flora around your home can make your landscape much more appealing. Hardscaping surfaces such as walkways, patios, and retaining walls can add a little extra something to your landscape it may have been missing before!

Landscape Lighting

You need to be able to walk around safely in the dark around your home, and your guests should be able to find their way around, too. There are so many fixtures to choose from that can make your lawn dazzle!


Without water, your plants and grass won’t survive long – water is essential, but too much or too little can be just as damaging. Irrigation supplies the correct amount of water to your plants at an appropriate time, so it’s a weight off your shoulders!

Landscape Grading

If you live on a piece of sloped property, it may be in your best interest to have some of that land graded. It’s a great way to “sculpt” the land for future landscape projects!


If you plan on doing major projects on your lawn, you’ll need some intervention from big equipment and skilled hands. Digging out dirt, rock, stumps, and anything else to prep the site for renovation!

Artificial Turf

Green has a lot of meanings in American society, and artificial turf fits into all of them. Artificial grass stays green all year long with practically zero work from you. Because you don’t need to water or mow it, it saves you money on upkeep throughout the year.


Concrete is a more permanent substance often used to create hardscaping features. Driveways are best created from concrete because it is sturdy and strong enough to hold your vehicle.


Often our favorite parts of our yard aren’t the places we grow or mow but the manufactured elements.

Service Locations

The hard-working folks at Blue Monarch are ready to provide breathtaking Landscape Design, Hardscapes, and Landscape Lighting in San Diego, Coronado, and La Jolla, CA, and their nearby areas.


What We Do Best

Have any questions?
Reach out to us!

Have any questions?
Reach out to us!


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